FantoIRC - script for ircII

This page describes the FantoIRC script for ircII - IRC client fox UNIX and similar systems. You can download whole FantoIRC package or individual scripts (below). There's a script named oper.irc which is not included in the package because it's designed for IRC operators, although most of its functionality doesn't require having IRC operator status. However, it's free for download and use. Here you can also see all FantoIRC scripts.
    Installling FantoIRC:
  1. download FantoIRC.tgz
  2. extract it (cd ; tar xzf FantoIRC.tgz)
  3. create irc directory in your home directory (mkdir $HOME/irc)
  4. optionally remove package (rm FantoIRC.tgz)
    Updating FantoIRC scripts:
  1. change to .irc directory (cd $HOME/.irc)
  2. run fantoirc-update script (./fantoirc-update)
  3. Note that package wget is required for updating.
(C) Matus UHLAR - fantomas 03.08.2005