This page is dedicated to people who don't know

how to behave to me on IRC

  1. The basic rules are simple:
    1. I am on IRC because I want to.
    2. I chat with people I want to chat.
    3. I'm not on IRC to help anybody. Even if I am an IRC operator, that's something different (see below).
  2. If you want me to help you with something:
    1. Don't annoy me with stupidities. I don't like questions "here", "have time", "it's important" or other of that kind. Just ask for what you want to know.
    2. If you don't want anything, don't message me. I don't care about greetings and similar things.
    3. Don't flood, don't repeat. I'll just ignore you and so I won't help you.
    4. If I tell you I don't have time, try to ask someone else.
    5. If I tell you something is impossible, it's impossible and stop bugging me.
    6. Read the documentations before you ask. I won't answer something you can simply find out yourselves.
    7. Be patient. Maybe I'm off the keyboard, maybe I work in another window, maybe I'm out. If i'm away, my script will log your question, and when I come back, I'll answer (according to these rules).
    8. Ask simple questions, use minimum lines. You don't need to press enter after each two words. If you'll ask me on 10 lines, what you can ask on one, I will ignore you.
  3. If you have an IRC problem:
    1. If you can't connect to slovak IRCNet server, read slovak documentation about problems connecting to IRC servers. Note that IRCNet servers are only for users from Czech Republic and Slovakia and we WILL NOT give you access if you don't satisfy this requirement.
    2. If you want something from me as from an IRC Operator: I won't help with channels, nor give I:-lines, forget it. I can't op you on channels and even if I could, I wouldn't.
    3. Try go to #irchelp channel and ask there. That channel is on IRC to help users, unlike me (read above).
Maybe you find these rules too strong but I do IRC quite long (since march 1994) so I know why I want it this way. If you don't like it, it's your problem.
Matus UHLAR - fantomas, 18.1.2006
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