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What music I like ?

Music music music...
One from the most important parts of our life. Man won't notice it, but it is the mostly wide-spread art. Everybody can select something they like and how much do they like it. What did I choose ?

Pop - OMD, Erasure, A-HA
Alternative - Depeche Mode, The Cure, Nirvana, Therapy
Rock - Guns'n Roses, Queen, AC/DC
Punk - Sex Pistols, Clash
Metal - Metallica

And this is my list of heart-breaking songs:
The Bugles: Video killed the radio star
Guns'n'Roses: Sweet child of mine

If you want to look at big database of bands and informations about music at all, look at Ultimate Band List of American Recordings

But That's not all ! I make music too ! It's not just when I was young, I played flute, or that we have a piano at home (OR I'm playing with somebodies nerves... I have bass-guitar and I play that.
And I have some pictures about it here. That's all about music (only here, music is immortal).

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