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Fantomas - the world's master

So this is ME by my server ccnews.ke.sanet.sk, which I maintain:
small pic of fantomas
What's on that machine ?
gopher, anonymous FTP (mainly Solaris 2) , news server, name server but not official (will be once) :-(((
some users and much much more...

What do I do besides ccnews administration ?
I like IRC, channel #cs, and #eu-opers and I have pictures of people there.
If you want to see other pictures, you can click here or here
I'm working on my own ircII script FantoIRC.
And this is a sample of my voice, reply to greeting re

And when I take look at music here it is.
And here are some pictures of me with my bass-guitar.

My work:
I work in ICT TU KE as a sysadmin.
Extended: I work in Institute of Computer Technology Technical university in Kosice as system administrator of UNIX machines - ccnews is also an UNIX machine - SUN SPARC classic, 16 MB RAM, 2 GB HD - Not very good but what can I do...
Besides this I help to maintain other machines, if I have time, may and can ;-)
I usually help on servers: ccsun.tuke.sk a ccduck.ke.sanet.sk
And I also helped on: julia.tuke.sk , saris.unipo.sk a sun.uniag.sk frru.utcru.sk
and I believe this list will be growing...

What should I add here ? My favourite WWW pages ?
For instance: Slovakia and something more...
This is how my screen sometimes looks.
And this is the link to Pink pages of Internet.
This is a link to HELLSBUDDHAS page.
And a little attachment: